The beanbag for more cosiness

Homely, comfortable, attractive – Pushbag 4 living is the new seating series with guaranteed comfort! And that is our top priority. Guaranteed well-being through the combination of cosiness and comfort. it developed a bean bag collection, which competes the traditional living room sofa and the rocking chair. As new design furniture in lounge-style PUSHBAG bean bags fit into any living space. The variety of styles, sizes and colors makes it possible. Whether as a modern seat, comfortable sofa, elegant seating or cozy reading corner – from our large beanbag collection everyone will find his favorite piece! The living room seat in leather look makes for a particularly elegant flair. The XXL seat cushion made of real linen brings the popular country house charm in every living room and makes you dream of foreign lands. The colorful beanbags in sun-yellow, petrol-blue and lime-green delight everyone with a harmonious color match and put a homely touch with the latest colors.

The classic bean bag has a new character!

The high quality materials and elegant forms make the traditional bean bag a modern home furniture. It is no longer just a bean bag for children, but a new, innovative seating for adults with feel good guarantee!